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High Quality
High quality comes from the strict managment...
High Efficiency
Make the criterion stringent and the process standardized...
Right Price
Credit is the basis, quality is the first,gain the high trust from customers...
Steel & Stainless Steel Components
SIC components apply to automation equipment of customers, All the products enjoy high quality and win high praise from customers.
Copper Components
The copper components are widely used in electronics industry, tellurium copper(C14500), silicon bronze(C65500) and beryllium bronze(C17200,C17000,C17500) etc.
Standard Fasteners
Standard fasteners (Bolts&Screws) annual output 3,500 tons, SIC along with the consistent quality, fast delivery and the best price to customers.
Automobile Fasteners
Automotive fasteners are the mechanical devices or components like bolts, nuts, screw, stud, pin etc used for holding or connecting two or more objects together in a structure.
Special Fasteners
SIC provide a wide variety of special fasteners, If you can't find what you are looking for or have a custom product request, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Self-Drilling & Tapping Screw
SIC supply Hex washer head, flat head, rond head, pan head and special head self-drilling & tapping screws with Phillips, Torx and Slotted Drives